3kW Solar System Price in India

A 3kW solar system is a robust solution capable of powering various household appliances. This solar configuration can produce 3000W/h of electricity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a complete home solar solution, including solar batteries and solar inverters. While this system facilitates the operation of household appliances, it may not support a 2-ton air conditioner.

Let’s delve deeper into the features and capabilities of the 3kW solar system.

3kW Solar System Usage

For most residential homes, common appliances include a water pump, refrigerator, cooler, TV, washing machine, laptop, lights, fans, iron press, and more. When a 3KW Off Grid Solar System is installed, the solar inverter’s capacity is 3KVA. According to expert recommendations, it is advisable to run a maximum load equivalent to only 80% of the inverter capacity. Typically, the regular load of homes falls within the range of 10% to 50%.

Based on a survey of 75% of homes, we compiled a list of home appliances along with their power requirements to operate:

Appliances Power (Watts)
Refrigerator (Single or Double Door) 200/400
1.5HP Submersible Water Pump 1500
TV 50
Cooler 200
Washing Machine 800
Lights 10/20
Laptop 40
Iron Press 700
Fans 75

This information helps us to understand the power consumption of various appliances. It guides the optimal utilization of the 3kW Off Grid Solar System.

How much does it cost for a 3KW Solar System?

The estimated cost of a 3-kilowatt solar panel in India varies from Rs 1,25,000 to Rs 1,80,000, depending on the quality of the solar panels and the brand of the solar system.

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Types of 3kW Solar Systems and their Prices in India

When considering the installation of a 3kW solar system at your residence, there are three types of solar systems available, as detailed below.

1. On-grid solar system:

This 3kW solar system operates with an electric grid. It is, therefore, referred to as an on-grid solar system. The connection is established with the external electric grid, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking government subsidies in electric connections, net metering, and more.

On-grid solar panel for home 3kw price in India

The estimated price of a 3-kilowatt solar panel in India ranges between Rs 1,25,000 and Rs 1,80,000, depending on the quality of the solar panels and the brand of the solar system you are purchasing.

2. Off-grid solar system

An off-grid 3kW solar system operates independently of an electrical grid—instead, solar panels function on a battery that stores and distributes solar energy. Even during grid outages, the system’s battery ensures a continuous energy supply.

The price of 3KW Off-grid solar panel for home in India

Including the installation of a 3KW solar system, the approximate price of a 3KW off-grid solar system in India is Rs 2,40,000.

3. Hybrid 3kW Solar System

A 3kW hybrid solar system is a combined configuration of both an on-grid and off-grid solar system. This allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of both types of connections.

Hybrid solar panel for home 3kw price in India

The hybrid solar system combines the advantages of both off-grid and on-grid systems; it comes at a slightly higher cost. The price of a 3kw hybrid solar system in India, including installation charges, is approximately Rs. 2,70,000 to Rs. 3,00,000.

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3kw Solar Panel Price In India With Subsidy.

To avail of the subsidy on solar panels in India, you must adhere to the following directives:

  • Only residential consumers are eligible for solar subsidies, excluding commercial and industrial consumers.
  • The solar system must be exclusively an on-grid solar system.
  • The sanctioned load should be at most 10kW.
  • The central government provides a subsidy of Rs. 43,764 for 3kW On-Grid Solar Systems. Additionally, some states offer a state subsidy of Rs. 30,000 for an entire solar system. For example, you can receive an amount ranging from Rs. 43,764 to Rs. 73,764, but you are required to cover the whole cost of the solar project. The subsidy amount will be credited to the consumer’s bank account within 30-60 days after the installation of net metering.

The Benefits of a 3kW Solar System.

1. Eco-Conscious

A 3kW solar system facilitates the reduction of your carbon footprint. Relying on clean energy generation actively contributes to the decrease of carbon emissions. This environmentally conscious characteristic not only benefits your household but also supports the overall sustainability of the planet.

2. Clean and Sustainable Energy

3kW solar systems capture solar energy to produce clean and sustainable power. By converting sunlight into electricity, it reduces dependence on traditional fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a more eco-friendly environment.

3. Significant Cost Savings

A crucial feature of a 3kW solar system is its potential for considerable cost savings. By generating electricity from sunlight, these systems can reduce your monthly electricity expenses, offering a prudent long-term investment for homeowners.

4. Eco-Conscious

A 3kW solar system facilitates the reduction of your carbon footprint. Relying on clean energy generation actively contributes to the decrease of carbon emissions. This environmentally conscious characteristic not only benefits your household but also supports the overall sustainability of the planet.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Solar panels are well-known for their robustness and minimal maintenance needs. Once installed, a 3kW solar system generally demands minimal upkeep, ensuring a trouble-free and enduring energy solution.


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How much electricity does a 3KW Solar system generate?

The average output from a 3KW solar system ranges between 12 and 15 units per day. This translates to savings of Rs. 66 to 90 per day, amounting to Rs. 1650 to 2250 annually, considering Indian weather conditions. Solar panels operate for 300 days out of 365 days yearly, with 65 days reserved for rainy and winter seasons.

How many solar panels are required for 3kw?

A 3KW system, equivalent to 3000 Watts, translates to different panel quantities based on your choice:

Polycrystalline solar panels (335 Watts): 9 solar panels

Mono PERC solar panels (400 Watts): 8 solar panels

Super high-efficiency PV modules (545 Watts): 6 solar panels

Is 3kw enough for a house?

Yes, a 3kW solar power system is enough for your house. However, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the capacity of solar products, including solar panels, inverters, and batteries.

What can I run on a 3kw solar system?

A 3kW solar system features a 48V MPPT-Based Solar Inverter (PCU), allowing for a maximum load of 2500 Watts to be operated. This provides sufficient power to operate various household appliances such as the television, refrigerator, light fixtures, microwave, and air conditioner (based on unit’s energy consumption).

How many ac can run in 3kw?

You can run a 2-ton AC along with essential home appliances using a 3kW solar power system. However, it’s crucial to accurately measure your total power consumption, both at its maximum and regular levels. 

How many batteries are required for a 3kw solar system?

A 3kW solar system with a 48V input voltage range combines four batteries with varying capacities: 80Ah, 120Ah, 150Ah, and 200Ah. This results in a total of 48V batteries, and the installation requires four batteries to initiate the 3kW solar inverter.