Solar Panel Price in India

Solar Panel Price: An Extensive Guide

Solar panels have changed the way industries function. If you are looking for an energy efficient solution to power your home or business, solar panels are the best option for you. As a business or even an individual, it is your duty to give back to the environment in gratitude for all the resources it has blessed us with. And what other way is better than adopting a sustainable way of generating power?

Solar energy has taken over the world, for good. Many big shot industries have resorted to solar power for their extensive power needs. This way they can save a significant amount of money on their energy bills while opting for an environmentally friendly approach of generating power. If you are thinking about installing solar panels in your home, then there might be so many questions in your mind, our team at Citizen Solar has prepared a list of some of the most important questions related to solar panels and price of solar panels in India and answered them for you.

First, let us begin by understanding what is solar energy?

Solar energy is produced by the sun’s rays and it’s warmth which generates electricity. The two main elements: the sun’s rays ( photovoltaic energy) and the warmth of the sun’s rays( solar thermal) are two inevitable sources that are required to produce solar energy. Solar energy can be harnessed using mirrors and solar panels. This form of energy is inexhaustible and 100% renewable as it is solely dependent on natural sunlight. This form of energy is non-polluting, available all over the world and is available in abundance.

The photovoltaic effect

The photovoltaic cells present in the sun’s rays convert the sunlight into electricity with the help of photovoltaic effect. For instance, if you are using solar panels to generate solar energy, these panels will absorb photons and liberate electrons which will produce electricity. The photovoltaic effect is responsible for generating solar energy.


1. What is the solar system panel price in India?

Before switching to anything new, you would normally analyse its cost. Solar panels price in India varies depending on your requirements and the type of solar product that you are going for. Here we have listed a few of our products which will help you determine the price of solar panels in India.

Solar Panel Price in India 2024 – Citizen Solar

Solar Panel Model Selling/Per Watt Price Book Now
Flash series ( POLYCRYSTALLINE & POLY PERC) Rs. 24.50/- per watt
Arrow series ( MONOCRYSTALLINE & MONO PERC) Rs. 26.50/- per watt
Enlight series ( BIPV) Rs. 30/- per watt
Newlight series (TWIN PEAK) Rs. 29.50/- per watt

How much does solar panel cost in India?

As per the industry standard, the cost of solar panels in India can range from Rs 40,000 to 60,000 per kW. Solar panel costs in India can vary based on several factors, including the type of solar panels, capacity, brand, and installation costs.

You can get in touch with us and upon discussing your exact requirements and plant size, we will propose a solar plan that is perfect for your plant requirements. If you are looking for the lowest solar panel price in India, we can set a budget accordingly.

Are solar panels worth the investment in India?

The first aspect that you need to consider before installing solar panels is India is – will you be able to bear the initial investment cost? Although solar panel price in India is quite normila, you still need to invest intelligently. If you are alright with bearing the initial cost, then installing solar panels is the most efficient and sustainable way of generating power for your industry or residence. You need to identify the energy rates in your area and the solar ratings as well. In the long run, going solar can have amazing cost saving benefits. The tariff rates for rooftop solar panels are cheaper by 17% and 27% respectively when compared to industrial and commercial tariff rates.

How much does a 5kW solar system cost in India?

A residential Solar System enjoys subsidies from both state and central government and hence a 5kw Solar System Price in India with Subsidy will range from 1,50,000/- to 2,00,000/- and commercial/industrial solar system will start around 2,25,000*

Which type of solar panel is best?

For enhanced performance, Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are the most popular choice. You can go for our Flash series or Arrow series as both of these are exceptionally high performing and are ideal for any size of solar plants. Monocrystalline solar panels can reach efficiency higher than 20% and polycrystalline can reach from 15% to 17.52% efficiency level.

What is the best time to generate energy?

Energy produced during the day time has more value than that produced later in the evening. Energy demand tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and then early in the evening. During this time frame, solar production is at its peak.

Reduce your energy bills while giving back to the environment

When you opt for solar panels, it means that you are not only saving a good amount on your energy bills but you are also encouraging a sustainable approach towards the environment. Solar panels do not produce any greenhouse gas and neither does it require water or coal for its functioning. When compared to nuclear power plants, solar panels require 20 times less water for its maintenance. One of the main reasons why solar panels have also become popular in residential areas is because it does not create any noise.

When you generate your own electricity, you will be using much less from the utility supplier. This will increase the savings from your energy bills.

A great way of making money

Wondering how? Well, you can sell all your unused energy and make money from it. The surplus energy is stored in your solar grid. So whatever amount of energy remains unused, you can sell that surplus energy- thereby making the most out of your investment. The more energy you product, the more you become self-reliant which thereby, reduces the need

The most reliable way of producing energy

It is safe to say that unless the sun vanishes, solar energy isn’t going anywhere. The whole idea of solar energy depends on the availability of sun rays. However, if you live somewhere you rarely get sunlight- you might want to rethink the whole idea of going solar as it might not be the best idea for you to invest in a solar plant. Solar power is an excellent source of energy for remote areas that do not have access to any other forms of electricity.

Eliminates loss during long-distance transportation of energy

During the transportation and distribution of energy, around 3% to 5% this is due to the distance between the production and supply points. These losses can hinder the performance of installations in regions with high population density. On the other hand, solar panels are usually installed on the roof or in the yard. This reduces the transportation distance, thereby increasing the efficiency of solar panels. One of the biggest advantages of installing solar panels is that it improves the grid security. When there are numerous solar panels spread out, the grid becomes less vulnerable to blackouts. This improves the security and efficiency of the grids even during uncertain times like natural calamities or overload.

Most promising, renewable source of energy

Needless to say, solar energy is one of the most promising ways of generating electricity. The key is to find a reliable source that can provide you with the lowest price of solar panels in India. If the entire concept of solar energy intrigues you, make sure you get in touch with us and we will discuss your requirements to determine the best solar energy plan for you. As a nation wide leader in providing solar energy solutions for various industries and residential purposes, we strive to provide you with the best possible solar plan.

Get in touch with us today and we will provide the best solar panel price in India. Together, let us help make the earth greener and better!