Solar Rooftop Panel: How Much does it Cost to Install Residential Solar Rooftop?

Rooftop Solar

Most homeowners in India are accustomed to sudden power cuts. Changes in climate conditions often result in several hours of power cuts in many states. Experiencing frequent power cuts can be overwhelming and frustrating after a certain period. This is where Solar rooftop panels come into the picture. Rooftop solar systems give you the freedom to generate your own source of electricity and get rid of frequent power outages. You can generate an uninterrupted renewable source of energy while contributing to a greener surrounding environment.

At Citizen Solar, our solar experts understand your concerns and are dedicated to bringing effective solutions with our rooftop solar panel for home equipment. All our solar equipment is thoroughly tested and verified by experts to help discover the finest option for your residential use and preferences.

Solar Rooftop

What Is A Solar Rooftop?

Solar rooftop panels are part of the solar power system situated or installed on the roofs of your residential, commercial, or industrial properties. A  rooftop solar system generates reliable and clean solar electricity using energy from sunlight. Energy generated from residential solar rooftops is free from pollutants and harmful gasses. To be specific, while generating electricity rooftop solar systems do not leave carbon emissions or footprints in the environment like other energy-developing systems.

Residential solar rooftops come in various forms and sizes to fulfill different types of residential power needs and requirements. You can contact us today at +91 8000111222 to discover the optimum size solar rooftop panel for your residential properties.

How Does A Solar Rooftop work?

A solar rooftop panel operates on in-built solar cells (photovoltaic cells) to convert solar energy into electricity for varying electrical needs and purposes. Solar panels consist of small, square-shaped semiconductors, usually made of conductive elements mainly silicon to absorb solar energy. When sunlight strikes solar cells present on solar rooftop panels, a chemical reaction is generated to release electrons. These electrons generate an electric current in the form of DC currents. Photovoltaic cells are of three types, such as single-crystal cells, polycrystalline cells, and amorphous silicon cells.

How Much Does Rooftop Solar Cost?

Generally, installing a 1 kW solar rooftop system can be anywhere between ₹ 45,000 to ₹ 85,000. Several factors are considered to determine the cost of various types and sizes of residential solar rooftops. A solar rooftop price can be easily influenced by factors, such as delivery location, state laws, installation requirements, climate conditions, installation accessories (if needed), and other related factors. Therefore, based on these factors, the solar rooftop installation cost can vary from one residential homeowner to another. To get detailed insights about the solar rooftop price or solar rooftop price list, you can get in touch with us today! Call us on +91 8000111222.

What Are The Benefits Of Rooftop Solar?


Residential solar rooftops can help you find cost-effective solutions to all your high power bill concerns. As a matter of fact, solar panel roof tariff rates in India are 17% lower than industrial tariffs and 25% lower than commercial tariff rates. In this way, you can save costs both on tariffs and electricity bills effectively. Contact us today to determine the solar panel roof cost for your residential purposes.

Energy Efficient

When it comes to energy efficiency, residential roof solar panels top the charts. As home solar rooftops rely completely on solar energy to produce electricity, you don’t have to worry about spending a considerable amount on high power bills. Moreover, you can also secure excessive energy generated for future use.

Own power sources

Unlike power grid electricity, solar rooftop panels don’t face frequent power cut issues. As the energy produced is solely used by your family, you don’t have to worry about the huge power distribution burden on your solar panels. You can use the energy the way you want without compromising your lifestyle.

Low Maintenance Cost

Solar panel roofs have a lifespan of more than 25 years. If taken proper care of, home solar rooftops can last for more than their expected lifetime. You don’t need specialized tools or chemical-based solutions to regularly clean your solar equipment. You can use a soft cloth to clean the glass solar panels and get rid of dirt and debris. Explore our service section to get an accurate service quote or to determine the solar panel installation price for your home.

Perfect for Indian Climate

Our country is blessed with ample tropical sunlight geographically. India is one of the best places in the world to harness solar energy. For further details about the solar rooftop installation process, get in touch with our experts today. The Solar rooftop installation process requirement might vary depending on your location, size of the roof, and sunlight exposure.

Secure investment

Rooftop solar panel for home is one of the most secure investments for homeowners in India. Electricity prices often fluctuate from time to time due to several reasons. Calculating the actual price of your electricity bills can be challenging. However, with the rooftop solar panel for homes, you can easily calculate the cost of generating electricity for 10+ years or more in advance.

Why Is The Solar Panel Placed On The Rooftop?

A solar panel generates renewable source energy using sunlight. Therefore, installing solar panels on roofs can help your panel to get an adequate amount of sunlight and produce sufficient energy for your daily use. You should consider installing your solar panels on an open rooftop for higher efficiency levels.


How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Run A House?

The number of solar panels your house needs will depend on several factors, including your roof location, panel specifications, the energy needed, climate conditions, and location. It is important to note that the overall rooftop solar system cost is determined by the number of solar panels installed in your home. Leading and reputable solar rooftop companies will always inform you in advance about the installation process and the number of panels required to generate sufficient energy in your home. Get in touch with us today to determine the overall solar panel roof cost for your home.

Is Solar Rooftop Profitable?

Yes, installing solar rooftop panels in your home can be profitable. From saving electricity costs to subsidies on solar panels, you get to avail of many benefits. To learn more about our services or rooftop solar panel prices or solar rooftop price lists, you can explore our website. You can also get in touch with us today by calling us at +91 8000111222 and sending an email to info@citizensolar.com.


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