Flash Series

(Polycrystalline & Poly PERC)

Strong & Robust design for greater reliability The Flash Series 60/72 cells with heat-strengthened ARC Glass gives higher performance and power yields even in harsh environments with intense humidity and irradiance levels. It is built to withstand harsh-elements and is less susceptible to micro-cracking, module warping, UV aging and corrosion from sand, acid, alkali and salt mist

Arrow Series

(Monocrystalline & Mono Perc)

The Super Performer The Arrow series monocrystalline module with 60/72 cells offers high-output performance for ground-mount installations. Available with industry-leading 1500V IEC rating, Arrow series is perfect for solar projects with limited space area, as its top-end efficiency and high power density is built to maximize energy output in limited space while withstanding challenging environmental conditions.

Enlight Series


The beautiful and stylish Enlight 60/72 cell module offers reliable and durable energy generation for your home or business. The transparent design looks beautiful on Residential Rooftops & Corporate offices rooftops. Combined with its industry-leading 25-year linear power warranty, the Enlight series enhanced performance leads to greater and quicker energy savings and faster ROI than standard solar panels

Newlight Series

(twin peak)

Reduced levelized cost of energy with improved performance Newlight series is designed for commercial and utility-scale solar projects to obtain significant system savings. The Half-cut design allows it work during lower temperature, which could improve energy generation per watt. The unique cell strings design makes each cell string could work independently which can significantly reduce the energy loss due to the mismatch problem caused by shading between modules or others.

About Us

Citizen solar private limited is a part of 27 years old citizen group, an ISO 9001-14001 & SMERA rated Company is one of the India’s premier solar panel manufacturers dealing with technologically astute and cutting edge solutions for industrial and business use. Equipped with world class machinery and industry leading infrastructure, its headquarters are based at Ahmedabad

Citizen Solar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located at Chatral Industrial Area Gujarat, having been spread over a massive 45,000 square feet, capable of consistently producing 60 MW energy per annum with scalable upto 180 MW.

Why Citizen Solar?

Compact Design, Efficient Shipping, Easy Handling with Packing standards meeting international requirements.100% Pre and Post lamination EL & AOI Test with inline/offline EL tests to assure micro crack free product.

Integrated Management System having ISO 9K, ISO 14K and ISO 18K integrated environment

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Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Sun, with its Glory and gentle warmth gives us brightness and softly lights up our lives, And converting this immense and abundant source of energy to electricity is what Solar Panel exactly does.

Recently with the growing market, Solar Panel manufacturers in India have come with very innovative solutions in terms of product offerings. Gujarat is an electricity rich state still Solar Panel manufactures in Gujarat state has increased in order to join hands with the government initiative of Clean and Green India. If we speak about the countrywide reach of Solar companies, Solar Panel manufacturers in India has increased in the last 5 years and are producing the best quality products as compared to their foreign counterparts.

With buyer Willingness and Government Support, the solar industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Solar companies in India has been largely supported by the subsidies government is offering to end consumer and hence growing at a rapid pace.

Competition brings price war, Solar panel price in India has seen a big downturn in terms of pricing as the material cost has declined a lot due to advanced technology and larger scalability projects worldwide in Solar Industry, thus has become more affordable for the end-user. Since the purchase price of raw materials for Solar Panel manufacturers in India has decreased, the same benefit has been passed on to the consumer.

The buyer has an option of both on-grid and off-grid Solar systems, whereby he can supply the excess solar back to the grid and earn credit in the electricity invoice. An off-grid solar system where solar power is stored in batteries generally works in remote places where the supply of electricity is limited, hence a user can use stored solar power in both day and night.

Solar panel manufacturers in India has achieved the first ride of success due to fast acceptance of sustainable energy, as being a business-driven state, consumers are happy with its actual return on investment. Solar panel manufacturers in Ahmedabad are offering 25 years of product guarantee and warranties which makes a viable business sense as well as a step towards healthy living by accepting the benefits of clean and green energy.