5kw Solar System Price in India

5kw Solar System

High electricity bills have become serious problems for industries and homeowners across India. Cutting down your expenses and reducing electricity usage are some temporary solutions that don’t offer satisfactory results. As your business grows, you will require resources to run smooth and hassle-free business operations; hence, cutting down your expenses might not be an ideal option.

This is where sustainable and renewable energy power plants get into the picture. A 5kw solar system is an impactful power-generating system that can produce sufficient electricity for up to 3BHK homes with three or more air conditioning units. A 5kw solar panel can produce sufficient power for heavy load units with six hours of sun exposure every day. If you are looking for a modern and effective solution to your high electricity bills issues, our 5kw solar system is the best choice.

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This guide will walk you through everything that will help expand your knowledge and understanding of this breakthrough power-saving technology for business or home purposes.

How much is the cost of a 5 kW solar system in India?

The cost of a 5 kW solar system in India is around Rs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000. However, it is also imperative to understand that depending on the factors involved in the cost structure, the price of 5kw solar panels in India can differ from one customer to another.

5 Factors Affecting 5kw Solar Panel Price:

Here are some major factors that can easily influence the overall 5kw solar panel price in India.

1. Custom duty

Custom duty plays the most critical role in the overall cost structure of a 5kw solar system. The production tools and materials to manufacture a solar panel unit are usually transported from different regions of the same country or different countries. Hence, the greater the custom duty, the higher the price of a 5kw solar system in India. Check the details of your solar panels to learn more about the manufacturers and cost structure of the solar system.

2. Installation process

Complex and time-consuming installation processes can increase the overall cost of your unit. Remodeling on your roof areas, adjustment issues, and more are some reasons why solar panel companies charge high solar panel installation prices in India.  Check the directions of the sunlight, avoid installing your panels in shaded areas, and remove unnecessary items from your roof to make more room for the solar units.

3. Material cost

Prices of metal materials always fluctuate depending on several factors. Based on the type of metal used on your solar units, the solar panel 5kw price may vary from one customer to another. At Citizen Solar, we offer standard-quality products at affordable and competitive prices. Call us at +91 8000111222 to learn more about our products and services.

4. Inflation level

Undoubtedly, inflation always increases the cost of everything sold or purchased in a country. Such situations are beyond the control of manufacturers or retailers selling the products. You can either wait till the 5-kilowatt solar panel prices drop or opt for second-hand solar units for temporary periods. It is recommended to wait till the market prices are back to normal to avoid paying high prices for your solar panels.

5. Energy prices

Energy is needed to manufacture solar panels for house or business facilities. The rise in fuel and electricity costs majorly affects the 5kw solar panel price in India. Hence, you should always stay updated with price fluctuations and grab the best offers when prices drop.

What are the 3 types of solar systems?

5kw on-grid solar system

5kw on-grid solar system is the most popular and widely used residential solar system globally. This type of solar unit is attached to the power grid allowing users to enjoy a meter-based billing system. Additionally, you can also send excessive energy to the grid to enjoy energy bills for the next billing cycle. The 5kw on-grid solar system price is comparatively less than the other two options.

5kw off-grid solar system

Unlike on-grid solar system units, a 5kw off-grid solar system works alongside the utility grid. Specifically, the unit is not connected to the grid, and you get complete freedom to use the energy the way you want.  You can also consider storing excess energy in the batteries for later use during uncertain times. The 5kw off-grid solar system price can be slightly higher than on-grid solar system units.

5kw hybrid solar system

A hybrid solar system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar systems. A 5kw hybrid solar system is one of the best options for users looking for an energy-efficient solar plant with a backup facility. It is important to understand that governments allow a 30% subsidy on solar panels ( hybrid and on-grid) in India. To avail of your 5kw solar system subsidy, stay updated with the latest amendments made by the government.

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FAQs About 5kw Solar System

For a 5kw solar system, 15 panels are sufficient to produce a considerable amount of electricity. Ensure you know the 5kw solar system price before adding more solar panels to your units.

Technically, 100 sq feet is sufficient for 1kw solar units, which comes to 500 sq feet for 5kw solar units. Depending on usage and affordability (5-kilowatt solar panel price), the size of the panels may vary.

You can use a 5kw solar system for anything that works on electricity. Heating units, 1.5-2 ton air conditioners, electronic gadgets, and more are some examples of appliances you can run a 5kw solar system.

For a 5kw solar system, you can effortlessly run three to four 1.5-2 ton AC units.

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand more about the prices of a 5kW solar system in India. If you want to know more about this solar system size, call us on +91 8000111222 today!

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