Solar Panel Installation Cost in India 2024

Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy panels are one of the greatest ways to offset energy costs and reduce carbon footprints in your surroundings. Solar energy system allows you to create your own solar energy and use the same cost-effectively. This way you get an opportunity to utilize the power supply the way you wish without worrying about high energy bills. It is also safe to say that solar energy systems are the new future of India. 

Therefore installing a solar energy system can not only help you save some money but also stay ahead of time and create a better future for your family and the surrounding environment. Other methods of producing power energy, not only create adverse effects on the environment but also create a huge scarcity of natural resources. If you are eager to learn more about solar energy systems or solar installations then keep reading this blog till the end. 

Here we will walk you through some of the vital information and facts that will help you determine solar power cost, learn how the system works, and the benefits you can take advantage of. So without wasting any time further, let us explore this blog.

What is a Solar Panel?

A solar panel system is a solar power unit used in converting rays of light from the sun into electricity. Sun rays consist of energy particles photons that can be used to generate electricity through photovoltaic effects. Solar panels for houses can be used for a wide variety of applications such as telecommunication equipment, remote power systems, home appliances, and more. 

A solar energy system generally consists of four main components including a solar panel, inverter, battery, stand, and other installation accessories. Solar panels are the primary application or components of the energy system. The cost of the solar panel installation generally depends on the type of solar equipment you wish to install in your home. The more expensive units the more will be the installation cost. Therefore you must make sure to consult your service provider for solar panel installation costs to determine the overall installation costs of these units.

How does a Solar Panel work?

Solar rooftop panels collect clean and renewable energy from sunlight and convert the same into electricity with the help of solar installations and tools. Sunrays fall directly on solar panels which are composed of several individual solar cells. These solar cells are further composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous (negative charge),  and boron (positive charge). Solar panels absorb the photons present in the sunrays to initiate an electric current that allows electrons to flow out of the atomic orbits and release them into the electric field generated by the solar cells. This entire process is called the photovoltaic effect. 

Other components such as battery bank, charge controller, and invertors assist the panel in completing the process. The price of installing solar units depends on the complexity level of each unit. If your system consists of fewer units or the units are simple to install then your solar panel installation cost will be less or cheap compared to other types of solar energy systems available in the market.

What are the advantages of installing Solar Panels?

Now let us look at some of the advantages of rooftop solar panel installations that you might come across after installing solar units to your home or other properties.

1. Increases the property value

Installing solar panels at home can help you increase the value of your property by up to 4% and in some cases even more. If your property is situated where frequent power cuts are a common issue then solar panel units can help you sell your property at higher rates. Buyers will willingly purchase the property at desired rates.

2. Fewer energy bills

Solar power reduces the cost of your energy bills and helps you save a lot of money. Generally, 1kw to 5kw solar panels are enough to supply power to homes with more than two-three rooms. In addition to that, these power units are capable of generating energy from sunlight even on cloudy days and eliminating the need to use local energy electricity or government units for your daily tasks.

3. Contributing to a better environment

Fossil fuel-generated electricity can leave disastrous effects on the environment such as pollution, scarcity of natural resources, and more. The solar energy system does not leave any such effects on the environment. It is one of the most effective and safest ways of generating electricity using renewable energy resources. 

4. Save a lot of money

The major advantage of installing solar panels at home is that you can save a lot of money on monthly electricity bills. Therefore solar panels are considered as a one-time investment that helps you save a lot of money for the next few years. 

5. Freedom from centralized grids

Once you have installed solar panels in your home there is no looking back to centralized private or government grids. You can enjoy your independent electricity and sell the same to earn some money. You can store excess energy and sell it to people in need in order to earn some money at the same time. 

6. Tax credits and rebates

Lastly, governments also allow citizens to enjoy subsidies on solar panels. In this way no matter how much you pay on solar power cost or solar panel installation cost you will get a refund or 40% subsidy on solar panels for up to 3kw systems in India. Depending on the state rules you might earn a subsidy on solar systems of more than 3kw units.

How much does solar panel installation cost in India?

The solar panel installation cost in India mainly depends on the type and size of the solar energy system you are planning to install in your home. Below we have listed various types of solar panel costs in India for homes having more than two-three rooms.

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