Best Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Company

Finding an efficient and affordable solar panel in India can be challenging without any prior knowledge or experience in dealing with a Solar EPC company. At Citizen Solar, we understand your concerns and ensure to bring innovative and intelligent solar energy and solar EPC solutions to all our customers. With years of experience in Solar Industry & Solar EPC services, we consist of a team of dedicated experts who can help you find out and install the optimum quality solar panels in India to generate an abundant source of natural energy without compromising on your lifestyle and comfort.

What is a solar EPC company?

A solar EPC company or Engineering, Procurement, and construction company is a company that offers end-to-end solar EPC services, including designing the solar system, providing procurement details about the system, and installing the commercial or residential solar rooftops. Solar EPC contractors also continue to perform after-delivery services such as timely maintenance checks to ensure your solar panel operates at optimum efficiency levels.

The services provided by a solar EPC company mainly include 

1. Detailed Solar Engineering design

An EPC company will help you determine the best structural design for your property by performing a site survey. At Citizen Solar, we monitor weather conditions, customer solar power needs, and requirements, and the power generation capacity of the equipment while performing our site survey. 

2. Procurement of Solar Energy Equipment 

Professional and high-end Solar energy companies are known for offering high-quality solar equipment from the leading manufacturing companies across the nation. An EPC company will negotiate with the manufacturers to lock in the competitive prices for the equipment to find the solar system at the best solar panel prices in the market. Citizen Solar itself being a Solar Panel manufacturer gives you that peace of mind for procurement of solar panels.

3. Solar Panel Construction

Panel construction is the final stage of the entire process. Based on the above information and the survey performed, the solar EPC company will work on the process of constructing outstanding quality and high-performance solar equipment for your property. 

We take all our EPC business under our group Company Technotrends Marketing Pvt. Ltd. At Citizen, We conceptualize, design & deliver (Install) world class solar technology to our customer which is efficient & affordable.Our main intent in the EPC space is to provide top end quality services.We will make sure to hand hold the customer throughout the life span of the Solar products delivered by us.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

At Citizen Solar, with our high-end state of art fully automatic machines we are capable to produce best quality Solar Panels / Modules. If there is a regular & bulk requirement, we are capable to engage for OEM services & deliver the product on time with specific customer requirements.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar EPC Companies In India

Never heard about EPC? We are here to help.
The basic complete type of the EPC is Engineering, Procurement and Construction. In the solar industry, the term EPC is used to include end-to – end solar services through the design of the system, the procurement of components and finally the construction of the plant.

Moving into 2020, we will see an even greater growth in the solar EPC companies in Indian construction industry that will include residential , industrial, community and commercial solar solutions. Commercial developers will be established, along with independent private investors looking to prosper in this market.

A fast emerging solar EPC company like ours has a strong capacity in three areas: engineering, construction and procurement. In addition , we provide the client with one of the greatest peace of mind: trust. Solar EPC companies like Citizen Solar normally move quickly, this enables us to stay in sync with the latest innovations so that we can cater to the modern and ever evolving needs of our clients.

Citizen Solar ranks among the most reputable providers of solar EPC services in India as the leading solar firm. Having a presence of PAN India, we are committed to making the nation more centric towards sustainable growth through our efficient solar services. Our world-class technology, coupled with unparalleled in-house experience, has earned the confidence of a significant number of solar projects.

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How To Find The Best Solar EPC Company?

There are many factors you need to consider to find the best solar EPC company in India. You can begin by running through a quality standard check for the EPC solar power products they have to offer. Premium and standard solar EPC contractors will always offer you satisfactory customer care and support, and knowledge about their solar products and EPC project services. Moreover, asking questions and doing research from your end can also assist you in finding a good and trusted service provider in the market.
To incorporate the most refined quality EPC project for your needs or learn more about the Subsidy on solar panels, you can contact us today or simply explore our website for more insights.