2KW Solar System Price in India, 2024

Solar energy is the new future of India. With rising global warming issues in the country, a renewable home solar system can be an ideal solution to create an abundant source of natural energy at your home. Solar panels give you a sense of freedom to use the energy, the way you want cost-effectively. Moreover, you can also sell extra natural energy to different parties and earn some additional income at the same time. A 2kw solar system is one of the greatest ways to generate a sufficient amount of natural energy for small homes or flats with two or 3 rooms for basic needs, you can upgrade to a higher system as per the need.

2kw solar system is generally the first choice for users with limited or less amount of energy requirements on a daily basis. If you wish to expand your knowledge more about the 2kw solar system in India, we can help you!

In this blog, we will walk you through some significant information and facts that help you determine the 2kw solar system price in India and ways you can utilize the same in your home.

How much does a 2kw solar system costs?

Before finalizing the product, customers often ask us this question. Cost plays a major role in deciding which type of solar system you should opt for your home. If the solar system price is beyond your actual budget, you might consider different options in the market.

Nevertheless, the 2kw solar system is one of the most affordable solar panels out there. However, the exact price can be challenging to determine, as many factors can easily influence the 2kw solar system price in India. Factors such as type of installation, roof types, energy consumption, shading & weather conditions, and more are primary factors that can easily influence the price of a solar system in India.

Complex home structures and additional installation processes generally can spike the overall cost of your solar system. If your roof is facing the sun and the home structure is not that complex, the installation process can be done quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, the distance between the interconnection point and your roof also plays a major role in determining the overall cost you would pay for your 2kw solar system.

How many solar panels are required for 2kW?

For a 2kw solar system, you would require panels anywhere between 5 to 6 solar panels. Depending on the size and capacity of your solar system, the panel requirement might differ. However, six polycrystalline solar panels are considered an ideal option to generate a sufficient amount of natural energy for a small house or flat with three to four rooms. You must also ensure to create space in your roof accordingly for solar panel installations.

Types of 2kw Solar System in India

Each homeowner has a different set of needs, requirements, and budget limits. A particular type of solar system might not be able to fulfil different types of requirements and customer demands. Therefore, solar panel manufacturers have come up with different variants of 2kw solar systemsHere are the different types of 2kw solar systems available in the market.

1. On-grid 2kw Solar System 

Solar systems specifically designed for working with utility grids are called on-grid 2kw solar systems. This solar system allows you to use solar net-metering to save some money on your next utility bill.  In other words, you can send your excess energy to the grid so that the government can reduce your energy bill for the next billable period.

2. Off-grid 2kw Solar System 

Unlike an on-grid 2kw solar system, an off-grid solar system is not connected to or works alongside the utility grid. You get an opportunity to save the excess energy from panels stored in the batteries for later use, during uncertain times.

3. Hybrid Solar System 

Lastly, a 2kw hybrid solar system can be connected both to the grid or solar batteries. In this way, a 2kw hybrid solar system can help you reduce your power bills through net metering and provide backup electricity during power cuts. It is important to note that the government allows a 30% subsidy on hybrid and on-grid solar systems in India.

How much power will a 2kW solar system generate?

The average generation capacity of a 2kw solar system is approximately 8 kWh or 8unit per day. This means a 2kw solar system can generate 240 units per month and 2880 units per year.
If you wish to learn more about the solar system, subsidy on a solar panel, or solar water heaters in Indiasimply contact us today or explore our website for more insights.

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