Essential Information on Cost for Residential Solar Panels

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With the improvements in technology, it is now easier to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity since one can install residential solar panels for this. Solar energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy and is useful for various applications like to heat water, generate electricity and many more. The fact that solar power is available in abundance is an added advantage, besides which this is also a clean energy source that is also eco-friendly.  Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home or that in a place of business use the photovoltaic effect to harness the energy of the sun and generate electricity. As more people are now opting for solar energy and with the government also encouraging people to do so, they are now becoming more affordable. This article provides a vital insight into the cost to install residential solar panels.

How Residential Solar Panels Works?

There is an abundance of sunlight during the day to help fuel our planet. The solar panels installed on your roof have the ability to harness the energy of the sun and convert it into energy that can be used as a replacement for the conventional energy supplied via electrical grids. The solar cells present in the solar panels convert solar energy into electricity using the concept of photovoltaics. This is DC that is later converted into AC with the help of an inverter. The electrical energy produced in this way can be used to power your house and reduce or eliminate the electricity bill. Cost of a solar panel is falling globally making them a more cost-effective source of power. Solar panel manufacturers in India can make you energy independent and cut costs on energy.

Essential Information on Cost to Install Residential Solar Panels

There are several firms offering Residential solar panels installation, each at a competitive rate. The type of installation and number of panels you require can affect the overall cost of a solar panel. This will usually involve an initial cost after which the solar power system will help you meet your energy requirements. It also means you will eliminate your electricity bills all together or drastically reduce it. Some of the other factors that will affect the cost of solar panel systems include the roof space.

The larger the roof space the more the number of panels. This can help you generate more electricity but it will also cost more. The way this works is the technicians will assess your power requirements based on the average power consumption. This will usually be followed by an inspection of the roof to verify the amount of space available and also make sure there are no obstructions. The cost of installing a 1kW rooftop solar system can range from 45000 per kw to 85000 per kw while that of a 5kW system will range from 22500 per kw to 42500 per kw.

The government also provides several incentives to install residential solar panels and take advantage of this renewable source of energy. The renewable energy sector has quadrupled in India over the past decade with some of the lowest prices for renewable energy in the world. There exists a solar panel subsidy scheme in India which people can continue to take benefit of even in 2023. The subsidy will depend on the type of solar panel system and the bigger the systems the lower the subsidy.

Benefits to Install Residential Solar Panels

  • Solar panels are a source of clean and renewable energy that is 100% clean. This helps reduce the dependence of oil, coal and natural gas for the production of electricity.
  • This is a more Eco-friendly way of producing electricity that reduces the greenhouse gas effects and helps preserve more plant and animals species on earth.
  • This is the best method of gaining freedom over the supply of electricity. Being depended on the electrical grid means having to deal with power outages at times. This is not the case where you have solar panels installed on your roof.
  • Cost of a solar panel is also decreasing which is beneficial for the consumers. 

Finding the Best Solar Panel Supplier

Finding a solar panel firm that you can rely on is harder than you can imagine. It is good practice to consider several factors prior to selecting a supplier. Consider the common factories like solar panel efficiency, manufacture warranty and also compare the cost against the efficiency to find one that is of the best value.

Citizen Solar is an ISO 9001 & bis certified, MNRE approved, is one of the best Solar panel manufacturers in India. The manufacturing unit is located in Ahmedabad where high quality residential solar panels are made which are also affordable and ensure you are doing your bit for a clean and green future. There is a distinct trend towards converting to solar power among residences and business across India. Citizen Solar provides solar panels for residences which have had proven results in the past. These are highly durable and require little maintenance during their lifespan of up to 25 years. The solar panels they provide are also highly affordable and consumers can also take advantage of the fairly large subsidies offered by the Government.

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