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World Class quality & top-rated products is the only motto we follow at Citizen Solar.
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Citizen Solar
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Conceptualise, design & deliver world class solar technology to our customers.
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About Citizen Solar

Citizen solar private limited is a part of 27 years old citizen group, an ISO 9001-14001 & SMERA rated Company is one of the India’s premier solar panel manufacturers dealing with technologically astute and cutting edge solutions for industrial and business use. Equipped with world class machinery and industry leading infrastructure, its headquarters are based at Ahmedabad

Citizen Solar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located at Chatral Industrial Area Gujarat, having been spread over a massive 45,000 square feet, capable of consistently producing 60 MW energy per annum with scalable upto 180 MW.


What we do

Solar EPC

Finding an efficient and affordable solar panel in India…

On Grid Solar System

Solar Panels Convert Sunlight Into Clean Green Dc Electricity

Off Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system is the obvious alternative to one that is grid-tied.

Solar Rooftop Panel

Most homeowners in India are accustomed to sudden power…

Residential Solar System for House

Rising electricity bills in summer is the biggest concern…

Industrial Solar Panel System

India is a developing country, and Industries are growing rapidly.
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Why Citizen Solar?

Compact Design, Efficient Shipping, Easy Handling with Packing standards meeting international requirements.100% Pre and Post lamination EL & AOI Test with inline/offline EL tests to assure micro crack free product.

Integrated Management System having ISO 9K, ISO 14K and ISO 18K integrated environment.

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We’re pleased to be welcoming customers to join us.

Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Sun, with its Glory and gentle warmth gives us brightness and softly lights up our lives, And converting this immense and abundant source of energy to electricity is what Solar Panel exactly does.

Recently with the growing market, Solar Panel manufacturers in India have come with very innovative solutions in terms of product offerings. Gujarat is an electricity rich state still Solar Panel manufactures in Gujarat state has increased in order to join hands with the government initiative of Clean and Green India. If we speak about the countrywide reach of Solar companies, Solar Panel manufacturers in India has increased in the last 5 years and are producing the best quality products as compared to their foreign counterparts.

With buyer Willingness and Government Support, the solar industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Solar companies in India has been largely supported by the subsidies government is offering to end consumer and hence growing at a rapid pace.

Competition brings price war, Solar panel price in India has seen a big downturn in terms of pricing as the material cost has declined a lot due to advanced technology and larger scalability projects worldwide in Solar Industry, thus has become more affordable for the end-user. Since the purchase price of raw materials for Solar Panel manufacturers in India has decreased, the same benefit has been passed on to the consumer.


Talk About How We Can Help You Reduce Your Energy

costs and successfully manage your carbon emissions with investment free solar technologies.


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    Bhavika Varu
    HR Manager

    At Citizen Solar, we're passionate about building a team that's as bright as the future of solar energy. As HR Manager, Ms. Bhavika is dedicated to attracting and nurturing top talent who share our commitment to sustainability. With a focus on employee well-being, She ensures our team is empowered to make a positive impact on the planet.

    Nirali Shah
    Digital Head

    Leading our digital charge is Ms. Nirali, a digital strategist with a keen understanding of the solar market. She spearheads our online presence, crafting innovative strategies to connect with customers and drive growth in the renewable energy sector.

    Rutvik Khamar
    QC Head

    Mr. Rutvik Khamar, our Quality Head, champions excellence in every aspect of Citizen Solar's products and services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to continuous improvement, he ensures our clients receive the highest quality solar solutions available.

    Ketan Modi
    Plant Head

    Leading our solar panel production with a focus on efficiency and quality is Mr. Ketan Modi, our Plant Head. With 10+ years of experience in solar modules manufacturing, he ensures our plant operates at peak performance, delivering reliable solar solutions.

    Sunayan Borah

    With 26 years of experience at Citizen Group, Mr. Sunayan is a seasoned sales leader with a proven track record of success. He fosters strong client relationships and spearheads strategies that consistently deliver results. He offers insightful guidance and mentorship, helping clients and colleagues achieve their goals.

    Alpa Mehta

    She brings a wealth of financial expertise to Citizen Solar. Her proven track record in finance and accounts ensures the company's financial health and fuels our continued growth in the solar energy sector.

    Mr. Omprakash Jain

    Our visionary leader, steers Citizen Solar towards a brighter future powered by clean energy. With a passion for sustainability and 50+ years of experience in the various businesses of Citizen Group, he champions innovative solutions that empower our clients and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

    Ms. Pranavi Jain

    Pranavi is a director & a dynamic face of the company. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce & Post Graduation in Digital Marketing. She looks after the New Age requirements and focus on international markets for business development.

    Mr. Ravindra Jain

    Ravindra Jain is a director in the company. He manages all the technical aspects of the company related to product development & functionality. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad. He plays a key role in the management with responsibilities including product designing, planning and execution.

    Mr. Harsh Jain
    CEO & Director

    "He is CEO & Co-Founder of the company, A marketing strategist who plays an active role in all the marketing, sales projections & production of the company. He holds MBA (Finance) degree from Narsee Monjee Institure of Management Studies & Diploma in Human Resources from Ahmedabad Management Association.

    Driven by Mr. Harsh's innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to clean energy, Citizen Solar has carved a niche for itself beyond competitors. His dedication to sustainability not only reinforces the company's reputation for excellence, but also propels the entire renewable energy sector forward."

    Mr. T S Jain
    Managing Director

    "He is Managing Director & Co-founder of the company. He is the pioneer of the company towards new goals and achievements. With over 10 years of extensive experience in solar industry, including Domestic & International Sales and Marketing he has consistently shown deep market knowledge and a talent for propelling the company forward.

    He had been successfully running various other business in the field of Textiles, finance & manufacturing. He is actively involved in forming of all the business strategies of the company & their execution."