EPC (Engineering, Procurement And Construction) & OEM


At Citizen, we conceptualise, design & deliver (Install) world class solar technology to our customer which is efficient & affordable.Our main intent in the EPC space is to provide top end quality services.We will make sure to hand hold the customer throughout the life span of the Solar products delivered by us.

Economic Benefits

  • MNRE Subsidies in residential projects.

  • State Government subsidies (wherever applicable) in residential projects

  • Depreciation benefits in commercial. (40% accelerated depreciation)

  • Viability Gap funding (VGF)

There are many more ROI attractions relating to investments in solar projects, incentives that have been introduced by Government of India, that means you could recover your investment through tax savings in approximately 3 years –an IRR that could be as high as 30%.


At Citizen Solar, with our high-end state of art fully automatic machines we are capable to produce best quality Solar Panels / Modules.

If there is a regular & bulk requirement, we are capable to engage for OEM services & deliver the product on time with specific customer requirements.